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7th Army In The Kitchen

(2006) Kill Your Prophets
02. Hard Core My Choice
03. By the colour of your voice
04. In Shadows Inscribed
05. The Withering
06. Bigotry
07. Endemic
08. Whispering To The Wind
09. Choking

02. Hard Core My Choice

Torn by daily apathy, each morning with gray faces,
Reverse evolution - common thing, stench of society.
The dawn of technology, newborn primitives,
Reality is so sad, and emotions strike again.
All our fears, prejudice,
Inner way to extremes.
I arise above that filth,
Throw away the sense of guilt.

Make your choice.

Flames of defiance craving to express
Unity and strength that lies within ourselves.
Invert my words, deny my thoughts,
Forever I’ll take the stand of my own.

03. By the colour of your voice

Don’t sow your own happiness on
The cloud of someone else’s desires.
Look at yourself in a mirror with
A clear conscience, if that’s possible.

Gathering pieces of lust, cutting palms by voice.
Find images in blots.
Emerged, they can’t bear to confront themselves.
One face in different seas, reflecting itself,
Unable to see it’s own beauty.

You are bleeding.
That’s not blood.

Take a good look through those latched eyelids.
Flashes of reality make you turn and see the shadow
You have lost.

You are bleeding.
That’s not blood.

(One day that will be your cloud.)

04. In Shadows Inscribed

Invaders from abroad ruined, plagued, despoiled.
Totems turned to dust, forests burned and died.
The old ways, disdained.

Converted into slaves, cultures swept away.
All the warfare, all the pride of domination,
Your sins won’t be forgiven.
All the victims, all who suffered buried down,
Your crimes won’t be forgotten.

(Spirits of the past remain alive.)

The truth of every torment,
Every rape and murder done
Resounding in the shadows
Of history inscribed.

Your sins won’t be forgiven.
Your crimes won’t be forgotten.

05. The Withering

Conceived in the dying flesh and coerced to coexist within
Intoxicating dream, condemned to withering.
Blood, full of filth and scorn feeding the unborn
With a prayer to abort and to rot before the birth.

The prime instinct repressed
The battle to be lost.
Ignore, disown,
Relinquish the living.
All love and care
Fall to addiction.
In hell of indifference.
Life in agony, inferior posterity,
Evolve to misery, thrive on necessity.
Formed in wordless trauma, drowning in an endless void
Innocence captured in a vortex, purity stained and torn.

06. Bigotry

Belief in one ideology, blood clotted on a flag,
Drumming anthem in ears,
The same battle with unseen enemy.
Until faith becomes extinction,
For that no one has seen
One waiting in an ambush.

What the dickens, give me back my rosary.
The others spoke in my name.

Be individual, always in service of masses.
Let a river flow in a riverbed to tight.
Useless sacrifice for non – existent ideals,
Sharing the same dream to fulfill empty soul.

All of my life I need something to believe in,
Something to be afraid of.

Either I will drown in blood
That drenches my knees.

07. Endemic

Inner spring of fear pours and spreads among us
Hate for distinctions, adoptive forms of act.
I resent the need to judge by origin,
Behind the patriot pride, fascist in disguised.

The flow of ethnic vibes distorted to approve
Commitment to blood brothers as hate for all the others.
Fight, fight, fight
Fight, fight, fight.

08. Whispering To The Wind

Life conceived in indecency of moment
Echoes in calming silence,
Arousing hearts in every one of us.
Divine grace in its purest form.
Growing rapidly, secured in a fragile coil,
The release brings its kind to the point of extinction.
Ill – natured is the light that gives him life,
Yet, he’s unaware.
Opened its eyes to see only them, the puppet players
of existence, nourishing him with their breath.
Disgusted by swallowing piece
Spread your arms to the sky
And sense the moral suffer
Upon the surface of your palms.
Entrapped in ancestral net of faults
The Lord that wends others’ paths
Stands in conviction of being his own
Stung by thorns of self condemn.

09. Choking

Can I break these walls around me,
Bury them in my past.
It seems there’s no forgiveness,
No place for mistakes.

Too hard to believe what I became
Worst enemy all to myself.
Pushing my best for some better days,
But all my efforts are choking in vain.
So many questions without an answer
And so many paths in this soul carved maze.
A drop of joy in ocean of pain
In small doses every day.

Stress and distrust
Fear of living this life.
So easy to take

No place for mistakes.
No place for mistakes.
No mistakes.