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7th Army In The Kitchen

(2003) Recepies
01. Army
02. Friends
03. We Won’t Forget You
04. Six Feet Under Ground
05. For Granted
06. Infection
07. Together
08. Scapegoat
09. Fucking Pigs
10. Get Me Out Of Here (bonus)

01. Army

Life, it is short
To live the way we did
So fuck, fuck them all
Those who want to take your independence.
Save your friends, watch your back
And try never to forget
You’re not alone, we are here
So, join the Army
No one to watch your back
So, join us now cause
We are Army
No one to say you’re not alone
So, join us now cause
We are Army
We are Army
Hard Core Army
Seventh Army
In the Kitchen

02. Friends

I saw my face, that fade away
In void of darkness,
And so-called friends who took my love
Who took my trust for granted.
I draw the line between
Myself and painful past.
And now I stand with my friends
Which I respect.

I’ve got no one except my friends
Who took my pain for me.

03. We Won’t Forget You

The vital flame is the only one
But sudden death has so many faces
Crucified between those two
Always treading the path of wistful eye.
How, how we live and how we die
It is matter of the time
But it’s time to realize
We won’t forget you

04. Six Feet Under Ground

Let’s get back in time when he was young
With the problem inside he searched for the answer.
To save his mind he joined the gang
With the gun in his hand.
And now you are so alone, and now you are fucking alone
And now you are so alone, gun is your only friend.
Bullet through you, how does it feel
I guess it’s your time to die.

He was crazy enough to shoot his boss
And blood on his hands demands revenge
He died like a dog, without a sound
And now he is six feet under ground.

You’re just a faggot, a maggot, I won’t regret it
when you die. Soon, no one’s gonna cry.
You know why? Because the tear from my eye
Worths more than your life, that’s what your money can’t buy
Gonna die.

05. For Granted

Ascendance of conformity
Is weakness, the ignorance
And greed of leadership
Chose by conviction
Depravity of system of
Values, the policy.
Reign of hypocrisy
Given for granted.
Towards the entropy
The outcome of our apathy
The lives within the lies
These vice of present time.

06. Infection

Infection caused by lies
It boils in everyone of us
Cheap emotions strike and reign
But who are we to judge.
Find your God inside yourself
Feel the ground beneath your legs.
Take your life in your hands
Show no fear, face the facts.
There is no good and wrong
There are acts and consequences
There is no love and hate
They’re the same, just reflected.

07. Together

Everyone of us lives alone
And fights his fights
But, when it gets to trouble
We stand together, brother by brother.
Don’t blame us for being haters
Cause, we’re not trouble makers.
Being streched we won’t take
So, ask yourself…
How much we can take?
For how long we can stand?
When the rotten times come to us
And decisive moment is here
Unity in our hearts
We stand together like a family.

08. Scapegoat

Bridge that makes the big connection
Can be passed in one direction.
Whole life it’s standing in the air
Under the weight that people make.
Nobody asks and nobody cares
How much it can take
The ropes bear up under the wind
Life like his is one big bondage.
Loose yourself for others,
People don’t know to say thanks.
What does it matter?
Today you’re a hero, tomorrow you are gone.
Why are you doing all of this?
If I were you I would fuck them off
And begin to live my own life.

09. Fucking Pigs

Huge swine disease spread all over my father’s land
We won’t stand still, looking our history gone.
For the pain you caused me, I’m waiting my five minutes
To fight for freedom against you
Fucking pigs
An eye for an eye for the pigs
Fucking pigs
Fucking bullet for a fucking pig
I’m bleeding hate and I can’t wait to see your face in front of my face
You piece of shit, you hypocrites, feel my cold hate.
Blood is hot and blood will fall on holy land, on my past
You crossed the line you parasites, you fucking, you
Fucking pigs
An eye for an eye for the pigs
Fucking pigs
Fucking bullet for a fucking pig
Give us one day and give us one night,
We’ve got our hate, that’s enough to kill.
HATE - is what I feel now, WAIT – I’m gonna bring law,
LOOK – I’m your last sight, CAUSE – this is a blood fight.

10. Get Me Out Of Here (bonus)

Alone, shattred inside,
defend by cries,
of my bleeding heart
my eyes beaten by dark,
desire for sun, dovours my mind

Get me out of this cold cell
get me out of my own hell
nothing organic to come near
get me out of here!

Sound like paradise,
came down, birdsong declined
the star revealed from the sky,
beauty carved in stone,
in one point of light

Get me out of this cold cell
get me out of my own hell
nothing organic to come near
get me out of here!

Pain crawling down your spine,
cold walls upon your palms,
the rules to play the life,
origin of antient lies,
wings of grief, open free,
gateway to eternity, is to be seen to pass this realm,

Demise, ensilenced my life, bored by the wings of unfeasible dream,
in flash of past recolored eyes, percept the seed of undefeated life.

(my spirit came to life)