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(2004) Carbon Based
01. Carbon based organisms
02. Dream amplifiers
03. Work in progress
04. Wiederholungszwang
05. Notturno
06. Spilt milk
07. In theory and practice
08. From automatic to manual
09. Ropewalk adventures
10. Rainy night in warsaw

01. Carbon based organisms

I am my own laboratory.
I observe and measure,
deduct and analyze.
The research has shown
I’m mostly carbon.
But I never trust the obvious.
I will get my hands dirty and
dig out the cryptography
of my carbon-based patterns.

02. Dream amplifiers

Paved with good intentions,
still, the world is grey.
We need dream amplifiers
to make it louder.
So, they can feel it in their bones.
After that count to 10 and
all your wishes will come true.

03. Work in progress

A special report up-to-the-minute
from my Ivory tower:
mythical archetypes
resonate of danger.
I pull down the shades.
So, as the day unfolds,
the plot thickens.
Stay alert!

04. Wiederholungszwang

We approach another end of the world.
Soon, we’ll get out of this time and space box.
Our legs are full of mosquito bites,
an itchy reminiscence of our past lives.
The air up here is still, filled with possibilities.
Time is breathing.

05. Notturno

How deep is this night?
Don’t look down.
Leave your fears behind.

06. Spilt milk

Before I surrender
to the future course of events,
I would just like to state
that there is no use crying over spilt milk.

07. In theory and practice

Cut me up in whatever shape you like,
So I can fit inside this world.
I’ve tried so hard to play by the rules,
but this game doesn’t fit me.
In theory this should be so easy
Deconstruct my moves to right or wrong.
But the practice fails me.
I just get a red card like my life is not my own.
So cut me up in whatever shape you like.

08. From automatic to manual

Focus the camera on yourself.
Zoom in. Zoom out.
Blame the moon,
the universe is not dressed by your taste.
400 years later you would still burn Galileo.
And the stars? Laughing. Whispering.
Grain of salt, where are you?
In the ocean, in the jellyfish.
In the tear behind you face.
Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out.
Voices in your head erode your face.
Your fears. Your ego. Your truth. Evaporating.
Tear is grain of salt is rainbow.
Zoom in. Zoom in. Zoom in.

09. Ropewalk adventures

She awakes in sweat,
covered with broken pieces of last night.
Still warm, but sharp.
She escaped by the skin of her teeth.

10. Rainy night in warsaw

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