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(2009) Inconstantinopolis
01. 108: cedar calling down
02. Comic relief
03. Valley of things
04. Off with my head
05. Horror vacui
06. Inconstantinopolis
07. City of sunday afternoons
08. Life in exclamation marks
09. Heads or tails
10. Seven cakes of toilet soap: an alternative ending

01. 108: cedar calling down

all systems working
i am feeling fine
begin the countdown
start the engine now
this astronaut is ready
to have some fun
as i rise higher and higher
into the calm blue embrace
i swear i can feel it expanding
but i see no god up here
that's what cedar said to dawn

02. Comic relief

in the final chapter
you should make peace with foes
stage the last entrance
with fireworks and noise
and then send in the clowns
after the final curtain
i will take off my mask
i'll bow for the last time
as i abandon this world of farce
and run off with the clowns

03. Valley of things

they got lost in the valley of things
forgot what they want conquered
by the commerce kings who made
their fortune selling manufactured
anger and instant happiness magic
drinks read between the lies of their
perfect life maps take off the
ready-mades and throw away the
rings open you eyes and
welcome to the desert of the real

04. Off with my head

as the ship set sail
slowly towards the west
our heroine was walking
through a classic phrase:
destination unknown
she exhaled she didn't look back
pirates grew out of fashion
like an old song i could tell
the whole tale
but i will quote her instead:
off with my head!!!

05. Horror vacui

i wish i was cornered
by the worst nightmares
i'm obsessed with emptiness
it is always darkest before
i close my eyes
i have this hopeless habit of dying
old habits die hard

06. Inconstantinopolis

wait untill the night falls
then take a boat ride
across the channel
when you pass the old bridge
you'll see the clashing rocks
this is where i'm stranded inconstantly
this place is obscurely in between
the fear's dripping all over metastes
like i'll never be free
your mission is very sensitive
the distant drums keep calling
forever comes and goes in inconstantinopolis
this is where i'm stranded

07. City of sunday afternoons

so we lingered on
in the city of sunday afternoons
smoking ourselves sterile
with menthol cigarettes
waiting for the broken clock to strike midnight

08. Life in exclamation marks

if i had to choose
i wouldn't have it any other way
i want to live my life in exclamation marks
no questions
no full stops
no commas
no dashes
only complete and unabriged
notes of admiration

09. Heads or tails

your porcelain disbelief
is so wonderfully pale
would you like an alternative ending?
flip a coin do you bet on heads or tails?
the fortune favours the brave
put on your smile and hold your breath
untill the earth stops turning
if you are not satisfied
flip a coin for heads or tails

10. Seven cakes of toilet soap: an alternative ending

no text