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(2008) 5-1=0
01. Our world
02. Small minds
03. Liar
04. Role model
05. Livin' it easy
06. Hell-o
07. The listner
08. Sit down
09. Fail to impress
10. Nine fuckin years
11. Drunken sentiments
12. Give me anything

01. Our world

Take a look at the world from a different angle
see the sunshine, look at the rainbow
that is your, that is our world
imagine the world without hatred
without politics and corruption
that is your, that is our world
Empty thoughts or empty dreams?
It's not hard, just try to belive

02. Small minds

Excuse my laugh but your act is so hard to ignore
The words you stand behind aren't yours It was ever so
Why do small minds like yourself always wanna show off
Whit intellect they don't possess I don't know
I don't fuckin' know
Enjoy the simple things of life you were made for
The books imperil your cerebellum so just let it go
Why do small minds like yourself always wanna show off
Whit intellect they don't possess I don't know
I don't fuckin' know

03. Liar

This ain't no true when you call my name
you think that things stayed the same
the day you stab me in the back
I wish to see you never again
You thought that I was far away when you said it
But I was near by you
That wasn't true, It was a fucking lie
For you a lie is just a game
lying around, never felt ashamed
but I felt it on my skin
all the broken promises
you didn't stop lying everyday
I think you should start trying to stop lying

04. Role model

A boy wanted to pay homage to his god
so he wrote 3 feet high warning sign
everyone who oposes my religion should die
4 years later the bullet ran him down
he said St. Peter here I come
I spilled a lot of enemy's blood
I deserve to go to heaven, right?
A boy like this should be a role model to our children
cause even million lives is very small price
to improve our infinite devotion to god
Our kids less intelectual, nation less individual
Our faith more actual and visual

05. Livin' it easy

It's still critically bad, but we'd like to believe
that the things are getting better day by day
and ain't it sad to see how generations let insanity stand in their way
or livin life like everybody else
the way of livin' it easy, livin' like everyone else
somebody cease me from makin' this ruin out of myself
Suspicion's freakin' me out
What if I left everything I had and just fled out on my own
would I like what I found or just live in a grief
for the world I left behind
would I be livin' like livin' is easy
livin' like everybody else
somebody cease me from makin' this ruin out of myself
would I make my escape or just live in a grief
for the world i left behind

06. Hell-o

no text

07. The listner

I never listned to your dreams
now I'll be dreaming you forever
my jokes and talks and bitterness
they used to seem as something clever
And when you woke up
you always woke up alone
your smiles got lost along he way
drowned in the darkness of my soul
let me be your listener
the finest friend you'll ever know
let me be your listener
someone who'll always walk you home
someone that you can call your own
so you won't have to be alone
So many things that I've done wrong
It's to much work out to erase
try to take some time alone
and join me in some better days
Too late to apologize
it would be best if I would shut my mouth
close your eyes and realize
let me in or shut me out

08. Sit down

Do you remember the times
when we used to say
let's change our minds
it was just our way of saying
let's get drunk, we're going downtown
(twelve and dumb)
But you can see a sparkle in my eye
every time you say the line outloud
sit down and I'll buy you a round
'cause tonight I need my mind changed
no, I need it to be rearranged

09. Fail to impress

Standing in front of mirror try to look the best I can
but my efforts to extreme heights, but I fail to impress
I don't wanna hear wour fucking lies
Don't wanna trade your way of life
We're gonna stop this fucking trends
I can change my hair or I can change my suit to look as you do
I can do anything you want but I'll fail to impress

10. Nine fuckin years

Well I'm gonna take my chance for sure
from fucking life I want some more
It's just fucking poverty and despair
Well O.K.
You're gonna do your nine years long to pay back to the state
but I just won't turn my back on you
cuz I know who you are

11. Drunken sentiments

So many times I broke my heart
It seems like everyone's got their part
but realy there is no one to blame
cause I was the one to give it away
So go on and take your share
and try to tell me that you'll always be there
but before this night passes by
and before this bottle's dry
please give it back!
I did it so many times before
took some pieces and made them my own
someone gives, someone takes
and when you even the score
It's so much better than being alone
Still I feel like I'm losing this game
cause everything I say just leaves me ashamed
even though we're drung don't take it to heart
my heart doesn't feel like falling apart
As we're sitting here eye to eye
words fall out and I wonder why
I might be happy for the bonds that we make
but every time I'm drunk, I make the same mistake

12. Give me anything

My universe is out of focus
all my beliefs now lay destroyed
feeling stranded, disillusioned
nothing left to fill this void
I need a new perspective, some solid ground
a decent lifetime motto to follow
proffesional guidance, significant silence
a set of easy answers that I could swallow
All religions failed their task
all ideologies stripped off their masks
no more philosophies to fit the modern days
how can I find my way
Give me anything, I'll take whatever you've got
just make it something I never heard before
I tried everything, and turned to alcohol
but It just can't keep me hapy anymore
One short look inside
is all it took to find - nothing