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Deer In The Headlights

(2011) Split 12" w/ROIR
01. Long way to go and short time to get there
02. Dying city
03. Changing color taking shape
04. Black eye
05. Basement of memories
06. Tang of our bodies
07. Roommate
08. Story `till the end

01. Long way to go and short time to get there

Oh destiny you drown me
like an anchor in the fountain of youth

Oh destiny you were so cruel left me
hanging left me alone

Like a last leaf on a frozen tree
Last icicle melting on a roof

Oh destiny so lonely I was standing there
With long way to go and short time to get there

While the day shadows the moon
I hope destiny I'm still timid in your thoughts

02. Dying city

Endless roads shall become my home
Like a sinking ship on a endless trip
No coast on sight for months or years
This city is killing me on every step

Banja Luka is dead
rotten minds in rotten heads
poisoned hearts in poisoned bodies

All around me empty visions
sons and daughters of a dying city

03. Changing color taking shape

Like a chameleon
Changing color taking shape
With every single brake

Like a chameleon
From branch to branch
from tree to tree
nothing but the empty shape
brainless empty shape

brainless empty shape
like a chameleon
caught in a moment
changing color taking shape
with every single brake

sailors in a sinking ship sailing into endless trip

like a chameleon
from branch to branch
from tree to tree

04. Black eye

the streets are cold and grey
people passing by are stray dogs
the fog falls down, blurs my sight
in the distance i see you coming
without a trace of fright

step into my shoes
and you will see
a hundred billion people trying to be
an ideal then can never be fulfilled
step into my shoes and you`ll be trilled
to be me

did you ever reach the end
did you ever taste the floor
sleep with one eye open
only black in other

05. Basement of memories

I'll never return in this land of mute voices
Machines reign and people have no choices

I'll never return n this land of plastic eyes
Where buildings tear the clouds
and people see no further than these skies

I'll never return in this land without color
Where TV light up your day
Everyone's cold and hating
And no one seems to care

I'll rather burn in the basement of my memories 3x
In the womb of my peace
I'll runaway where you can't find me
Hide in the core of my dreams
I'll sink in blood and flesh of thoughts

06. Tang of our bodies

Fragments of our broken dreams
are filling in the layers of my seams
and if you help me mend them
you get to ride my tandem

Oh boy just sit behind me
and let me drive us to the borders of our minds
I'll never be this kind so just hop on
you're in for hell of a ride

Can you smell the tang of our bodies
Do you see the sweat coming from the back of my head 2x

Oh darling we've been dead for a long time
we've built a tower of guilt now there is nothing we can do to tear it down
Don't frown dear our love has trembles long before this
But there is still serenity in your face.

07. Roommate

I`we got a new roommate
i`we got a new friend inside
currently he is quiet
and he ain`t dancing by my side

he`s flirting with everybody
he listens to everyone but me
he`s like a decaying body
like a part of someone else

i feel like background music to a bad drama show
no control over twist and turns
no control over things i know

you must embrace your demons
for they are what makes you real
you must embrace your demons
for they are what makes you alive

08. Story `till the end

if you think you`we heard it all
listen again
i`m gonna tell you my story `till the end
it`s like a never ending story of pain
moments you realized your life is pain

every day and endless torture
mind, body, soul tortured
this everlasting winter
is all i need
to pick up the broken pieces
from the battle field

that winter shall freeze the memory of you
i`ll pray to the lord to freeze the sun too

if the sun would perish away
than my weak mind could slay
the wish to be with you forever
i only see me and you together

sun don`t come up, don`t melt my heart, sun don`t come up

when i remember how we stood
on glorious mountains
so strong together
how the precious voices
sang our name
like we where one
we where one

once we where