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(1995) Freedomized
01. My burning spirit
02. To dive
03. Ritual child
04. Never again
05. Burn
06. Stark blind
07. Mother of pain
08. No god of mine
09. Silence of the twilight
10. It's coming out

01. My burning spirit

no text

02. To dive

I've lost a lot but it ain't so bad,
used to fill like that some kind of sad
On my walls I drew the way behind,
on my walls, the corners of my mind
And I'm pleased with something
to find on the walls of my mind
I see spaces open wide!
I've done a lot, but it ain't enough,
allways ready for fight 'cause enemy's rough
On my walls I walk the way behind,
On my walls, the corners of my mind
And I'm sruisin down my mind
Looking somewhere to hide
There is my will, there is my pride!
When I kneel they fill my walls of steel,
they cry calling me to dive

03. Ritual child

There’s no tears to damn you now
when jealousy burns
Sometimes it’s better when you have no shelter
to pass things through!
And i’m falling down on broken glass
Need you, need you caress,
as i watch the world from the ground
Like i was never found,
We got one life to get our share,
We got two eyes to tell us where,
to get what we want
before we grow old.
Can’t hold myself for this last time because i want bad,
I try not to touch you, but you are driving me mad,
Touched right to hurt from the inside something eats my dirt, Lonely man -ritual child dressed for danger and your love is wild

04. Never again

no text

05. Burn

grandmas crying life is so hard, grandsons trying part by part. peace of mind this time is so hard to find, hold me tight, he said this is unfair fight. and my love is gone, god from above let them to win this fuckin’ war, life ain’t show and you know i never gonna crawl and you know i never gona fall! where is she i don’t care, where is she i don’t stare, my eyes is shuted only feeling taking apart for that i’m not smart i lost my silence, then i lost my heart. and no one calls my name, hey craps i need no fame because every day is the same. and everybody have a victim to blame, but we all share a little bit of shame. it’s just a feeling that’s coming through smashing my mind a feeling of you.

06. Stark blind

I`m on my back now, stars look strange to me
Not scared, but somehow fear grows within
Blackness winning my sight, deviltry `causeed my amnesy
I can`t make no conection with reality

Seems every night I slander my pride
Devil blackned my mind, I`m so stark blind!

Freedom from care can`t be bought
Or found anywhere:eyes without hope
When soul can`t be heard, end of hanging rope
Devil`s greed makes me breathe
I increase from the bad seed!

Seems every night I slander my pride
Devil blackned my mind, I`m so stark blind!

You made me live closed, not to give
Like I`m possesed and I`m so stark blind

07. Mother of pain

your mind was caught between two veiws of life, but you choosed wrong one and do it with the knife. some day you’ll be sorry, but god knows when because using the weapon will not make you a man. you gotta lotta learn about life as itself and when you learn your lesson, you’ll be probably dead, ’cause someone’s gonna pull the gun on you and rip your brain like you used to do. tommorow begins the rest of your life and every tommorow is sharp as the knife. so be fast, collect the things what don’t last be cool-no fun under the gun, to hate is easy and violence is bitch! look inside you such a wonderful view that’s only thing cripple could do, just another kid who wants do be hit! the hate is the mother of main! here’s my dedication for those who wanna play stick the joint in your mouth and throw your guns away!

08. No god of mine

night is spiteful again, she is so quiet and hard like a witness of the crime in her eyes all falls apart. something still stare at me up in the sky evil neon shine. i saw goodbye whit smile, she was never god of mine. it hurts me and i only guess this murmur is confusion like some big ugly mistake my love the child of illusion beat of fear in the air this time i will do it fine there is no one above me now, she was never god of mine! cold water carrie me strong, take me down the stream, cold water you’re never wrong, she killed my only dream.

09. Silence of the twilight

autmn smells like seasoned leaves i captured my self in the middle of the memories. silence of the twilight aftersummer ravens had always broke and crush it like a hammer. cold wind of past like bad joke sounds i hear my future laughing in the clouds, understand your life always how it’s like, sometimes he’s gray with pain on the strike! i’m siting on the bench by the wasted road in hazed distance red sun has falled, tread by the time my steps ade diffused, in silence of the twilight my wishes are confused, who’s gonna tekk me that i was abused, who’s gonna tell me that i wasn’t choosed. when trouble come be what you are, no one is around they are so far. my friend here is a little gift to you si many troubles we’ve been through side by side always ready for new.

10. It's coming out

I see the color of the pain
In the eyes of betrayed man
For what he`s done he gets none
And they`re having his fun now

I hear revenge fadeing in
From a far, It`s coming out
To make scar by scar
On their faces forever

It`s coming out from the depths
Of his mind, It`s coming out
To make them blind
They touched their bottom line

It`s like you`re building your home
And someone comes and burn your own