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Ground Zero

(2009) Morbus Panonicus
01. No way out
02. Inside of nowhere
03. Next time
04. Disfigured
05. Released
06. View trough a keyhole
07. Run away
08. Reach the end
09. Tied

01. No way out

Shut it out
these eyes can't stand light
this corpse is not the lucky one
that is used to living this dying
toward the bright side
This brain can't stand the pressure
of peace coexisting
Covered by nothingness
No end in sight of lonelyness
fulfilled with sweet emptiness
fulfilled with sweet lonellyness
If love is being broken
if being pulled down is what it’s all about
if love is being sold
I'm inloved!
A lot of love to take
I can't hate that much
a lot of bones to break
I'm in loved

no way out

02. Inside of nowhere

Here I am, inside, behind a thousand doors,
with a thousand locks that are keeping me inside of nowhere,
locked behind...
Sitting down... and holding a key
who does not match...

the light is coming from the outside,
from the bottom and the key lock,
I can hear it, I can feel it, but I cannot see!

Where the brightest place is my shade,
Some other thoughts are filling my cell:
After the storm that is raining my trembles
This stomp will stamp over vanities grave

Or should we all just watch the ground
Or should we all bury ourselves?

Red stains can be washed from our sole
But can they be washed from our souls?

So many questions, and these are my fingers
So cold, so shiny, but they still don’t open the doors...

They were so cold, they were so shiny,
And here they are again
But they still don’t open the doors...

03. Next time

yearn, yearn, still yearn, waiting, just to see you fall!

there eyes have seen falling of your rolles
seen passing values of your time
and everyone before, they all found their end
and next time, i'll see you in the hell!

next time i'll see you in the hell!
youll close the line in circle of your doom;
and next time i'll see you in the hell

agony of history dont forgive to anyone
and i hope youl soon get your line
written by the hand that dont pray on their past
written by our hands

this pain is not pain, these tears are not tears
this is the hand that is showing us a way
you have to go, you must find your end
until next time...

04. Disfigured

by touching this glass every single day
hearing and listening silent steps in the night
pressing these borders, edges and shapes
I hear that I dont wont to see further.
pressing the edges of transparent cages
some drums are beating inside its wrists
these eyes can see them, these ears can hear them
but who should feel?
does someone choose?
that sound is fading, that sound disappears,
here we are back to basic functions,
is that the only choice that remains?
between that and scratching these prisonbars.

05. Released

nowdays we're taking the brand new role
we are standing in a brand new line
with brand new thoughts and brand new needs
turning again a brand new side
turning again a brand new side
we just turn...
everytime we turn we can only see the hole in which we'll lay
our call is in our roles, just follow the stream
our roles are on us, we never had ourselves,
the way it is, we never deserved the chance

06. View trough a keyhole

.in pieces
in peace.
Thick flame tongues
that are licking these walls
they are just the prellude
for sayin' goodbye
This house deserved to burn
next time, it will be me
yes, we all deserved to die
for keeping alive the phrases, a plastic, a lie
A plastic lie
Of justice and safety, freedom - unknown
I’ll run into this silence, but you gonna be the one
That will burn
Yes, this night, I will go in peace,
and never turn back
to see how you burn, in silence, fall apart.
And this night you gonna be the one
That will burn.

07. Run away

no text

08. Reach the end

lifetime spent in waiting
and leaving behind
years turned to days
days turned to nothing
increasing its speed
decreasing ourselves
for a lifetime
we're left behind...
it increases
and after all, we all find ourselves
that is the point of reaching the end

that’s the price of finding peace
never knew
never felt
never found
found yourself

never found peace

09. Tied

bouth hands, with bouth hands tied well
peaces, peaces of me sow in my bed
weight in me, a hundread tons of weight in my legs
bulding walls, build a thousand walls to border my will
and all the wishes buried in the ground
scream trough empty pockets, die before their birth
I can’t hold this wire
but I can’t stay inside
It still cuts my fingers
but my hands can't let it go
...and I'm still there
No one sees
No one feels
It will last until we forget ourselves