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Issues Of Life

(2000) ..At Set Times
01. A game in which our loss is win
02. The wrong side
03. With no solution
04. Trying in vain
05. Arriving days
06. Forgotten view
07. Issue of life
08. Elbow your way

01. A game in which our loss is win

Sometimes I feel like abandoned
nothing makes sense to me
just a thought that I'm not the only one
disperses the fear of livin' after all this time

Day by day try to express myself
through the uncondemned song of life
always looking for answers
searching for a better sight
I can't help myself
don't you dare to help me?
because everything is a game
in which our loss is win

There is so much space around me
built from pieces of our memories
restrained lying between lie and reality
try to earn a part of my own liberty
I can't help myself....

What else can I say, not much, except that?
nothing can change things
It's like throwing a bird in the air
with broken wings

02. The wrong side

Wherever you go you will find the same
evil that man can do to another man
love is turned into hatred
but noone really seems to care
if you saw the wrong side
you would eat your word
come to know that it's not
like you thought
wonder will you ever look through the window
not closing your eyes facing the future
just disregard what happened to goodness
there's no answer of what it's for

03. With no solution

Driving my car round the city
I don't have a great deal of courage
so I can't decide anything myself
am I supposed to ask for a piece
of someone's advice or maybe to
open the window and just
take some fresh air

Let chance make decision
I don't see another solution
let chance make decision
tired of thinking
let chance make decision
will it ever end?
let chance make decision
I am so afraid

Turning my car round the corner
still pondering over the same question
what is it that will brighten me up?
there's no one elese around but me
at this fucking dead of night
time to go to sleep and relax my mind

04. Trying in vain

I've heard it so many times before
am i supposed to hear it again?
they always try to make me what I don't want
they always try to tie my hands

Look at what I give
is that as much as i get
why don't they look inside?
and see what is right

I'm gonna make things better
don't wanna get tired to care
although try to draw away my attention
they should know it's all in vain

05. Arriving days

Another step into a grown up world
things are getting grave
it's time to lay the foundation
of all arriving days
shouldn't keep a step with the time
I don't have to gurry ahead
not being serious is close to me
as much as responsibility

06. Forgotten view

I locked inside of my mind
all the things that were lying behind
still fight this battle against true me
against the wheel of destiny
I didn't want to make things failed
I wish we could feel all joys of life
I didn't want to make an end
I wish we could learn how to fight
against the time
I trusted you I must admit
but you left me in the dark
find myself in the middle of nowhere
too scared but not defeated
we were part of angry crowd
crowd without names
now tears wash ny face
when I'm back in those days
days of fun and childish games
which you buried deep in your memory
I trusted you I must admit
but you left me in the dark
I trusted you I thought we were friends

07. Issue of life

It rains and i can sleep
fallen deep in my dream
i wake up when i heard that screem
it's scream of sadnes and violence
it's scream of victim with no defend
and we pretend just like nothing happend
but i will always be the same
forget the things that i could take
you can't extinguish eternal flame
and I will always be the same
dirty roads of our lives
never disappered
but somehow silence brings us down
off ther reoad that's in our mind
things are different in my dream
it's about the boat that never sinks
I learn a lot from my mistakes
I try to close the door I try to forget the past
It's my issue of life....

08. Elbow your way

There's nothing we can talk about
because you don't know what's ata stake
the reasons you're alive
you know, will never be mine

Have always been able to be seen
suspicion and fear better let sunsine in
so elbow your your way throug the clouds
not losting faith and don't let go the hold
of your happiness