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Lets Grow

(2003) Neverending Story
01. Hardcore song
02. Mankind's sons
03. My dissatisfaction is source of their happiness
04. Mass question
05. Unfeelingness
06. Five minutes of relax
07. Neverending story

01. Hardcore song

Keep your freedom
Free your mind
Burn their friends
Hardcore passion
You will find

02. Mankind's sons

Love and life
Can't feel, can't touch
Behind an iron mask,
Trust and hope
Can't learn, can't see
Behind an intelligent voice
Poverty and war
Can't forget, can't escape
Under fatty hands
Fear and lust
Can't ignore, can't destroy
With scary smiles

Fake dreams, conquered - minded
Abandoned in presence of profit ideas,
Searchin' for the inner
Tryin' to solve this game of masquerade

03. My dissatisfaction is source of their happiness

Today is the day - I just grew up,
I have left the last trial to become a man
I resign far away from the people i love
My girlfriend, my mom,my sis...

I'm not gonna see them for a long time
But anyway-tomorrow I'll become a man
Still the sun has not risen, but I'm outside
Kissing the filth till rain slips down my cheek.

I'm shooting at the wooden man
I'm prodding at the women of sand
Cleaning others boots until the flag rises into the air.

For all this time i have learned to be blind,
I have learned to be dumb,
I have learned to hate,
I have learned how to punish,
I've become a man,

04. Mass question

Twist me, show me life,
Enlighten me; I want to feel the embrace
Try to make my eyes see the light,
Make life return the love
Birth is a matter of environment
Birth is a formality.

Control my body, you have the right,
Choose my destiny, In the name of god

Save me and make me suffer more,
Scare me so then I could laugh,
Scream hard, give your best
To make end life, before it has begun.

Can I give him a normal life?
Can I have one?

05. Unfeelingness

I LEAD MY HANDS to grab the hope
the hope that's gonna bring me a dream
a dream of myself ,not ashamed
a dream of myself ,not so scared
I feign happiness
I'm following a "life"
trying' to throw away this attached
this my friend ,i call the pain
I'm fighting with reality

I HAVE FUCKIN' WON (this scars)
Bowin' down on my knees
And screamin' for your help
But you're so lazy to look inside me
To see the loud silence that i hear
(To feel the storm that is near)
Your ignorance makes me cry
Your unfeelingness is my nightmare
But I'm lucky cos i can be depressed
My depression makes my struggle

06. Five minutes of relax

My head, like a road without end,
And my mind, my heart wants to run all day
This life wants to stop me crawling,
To stop me searching for my fantasy,
of fighting the machinery.

Money making, war making, children killing,
Gods creating, salvations buying...

Life's so hard
Sometimes I wish that I'm dead
I grab every fuckin' hope
But I just get nothing.
I'm always climbing to the top,
Next thing I know- my face is on the floor.

I want to continue, so I must drink another cup of sickness,
I must swallow more disease to stay in the race
And I don't wanna do that!
Tonight I'm gonna find my station
I'm gonna take my 5 minutes of relax

07. Neverending story

My revolution is alone in a crowd
Abandoned in the valley of hypocrisy
Caught between the past and present,
I'd rather be an unknown observer.

Incomplete circle of my beliefs
Is tightening around my neck
Please let me be the bullet in your head
Shake with my razor hands and die.

Constant fear, unsatisfied anger
My neverending story, my neverending flame
With screaming face in an unblemished mirror
I am the worst dream you have ever dreamed

It's love, it's passion, it's freedom