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(1992) Dorothy
01. With you
02. Dorothy
03. Zombie
04. And i'm not
07. Everything
08. Sad
10. England
13. Standing on the edge

01. With you

I can't feel anything
I can't touch anything
Nothing in me or outside
I can't breathe or dream
I can't make no steam
Nothing in me or outside

Happiness is all around no one to hurt me now
Nothing in this chapter of mine
Over and out no one can touch me now
My problem is I never pulled the plug

If I had my own now I would be alive
And I would be right here with you tonight

Here's no flash or courage
Black or white machines
There's no celebrations
Happy days or beans
There's no system
There's no hope
There's no light
There's no smoke
My problem is I never pulled the plug

02. Dorothy

Burn me all out I’m not feeling well
Like a dog down dead on his way to hell
Let’s float away make them live us be
Why don’t we let them see the things how they are and thing how should they be?
Re-head me tender and let me do the same to you
You spread your wings when you want to fly
But they’re too short so you fall and day
Make her happy and dive deep down the wall

Who cares for Dorothy nobody’s alone as she is
Nobody sees her on her knees Dorothy is …

Gun in your hand makes you feel so good
Shiny bullet in your head sliding fast and smooth
Let’s die away spinal spinning round’n’round
I’m hanging upside down
Pick your head underground it makes you feel so fine

Dorothy is dead

03. Zombie

Zero world he is from the zero land
Old like thousand devils also from the sand
Mr. bad dream is his blood brother
Bye, bye he's going to kill another
Ice in the soul and heart is smart
End of the line is start
Zoon is it zoon or is it not?
Offer a bullet they want to be shot
Mercy's not in your mind there's just pain
Be good baby I will sustain
I want to live tonight
Even the night is bright

Zenith of your dream is dead
Open your heart and say get of my shed
Must you now fly like thunder?
Better stop and try to wonder
Improve your head in her bed
Empire will be dead

04. And i'm not

Just another rainy day wind is blowing in my face
Little rivers and the wind I'm the one with them
Walking through the mud walking hand in hand
Wind is blowing in my face blowing into black

He is happy when I'm not it's rinsing my name of the wall
And the asshole sang a song about the rain coming down

I would like to find the way to get rid of you
I would like to find the way out of this torture

He is happy when it rains

07. Everything

It is time to sit between them
it is time to have a talk
although it's hard for me to know
where i'm wanted and where i'm not

that space right behind me
there is where i would like to go
but i didn't get the courage yet
to leave my home

and i know i'm going to do it
sooner or later you will see
And I'm going to be so happy
So happy as I've never been

When I take you to the surface
You will beg me I want more
But I can't give you anything at all

Then it's time to sit between them
Tell this meeting is adjourned
I am very glad to be here
I will not turn back so soon
My words will shine like golden dream
I'm going to draw the magic rein
Stand against the wind and hale
Night will turn to day

Then I'm going to hurt your feelings
Kill the laughter from your face
Going to shoot you with my shotgun
I'm going to eat your smart brain
I will put your heart on the table
I'm feeling so much hate
And I'm hoping it will never happened to me again

08. Sad

I am sick of you
You make me feel so sad
Everyday I walk near you
After that I'm feeling bad
Hate every part of you
Every little inch of you
Pillow says good night
But there is no escape in the dream
Because you're watching me
Because you're watching me
You're watching me
From the night
From the day
From the night
From the day
From the night
I'm so sad
From the night
I'm so sad

Stupid to sit in the park
Deadly to walk in the park
It's not time yet
To risk your life

10. England

Sticky darkness in the midnight
thinking 'bout a last day
so you find out you were stupid
and you want to go back
your head is empty
you're dead now
they put your brains
on the floor
they step on it
and they're laughin
and they kill you
for many times more

13. Standing on the edge

Standing on the edge
Waiting for something else to come
Standing on the edge
And waiting for something else
I am on the run
I am on the stupid run with you
And I'm heading down
Lower than you think so

And I want to give you back my present and my truth
I'm not on the other side I will follow you

Now i have to be
So kind and cool
I will bring myself
Down in front of you
And I can look right through your face
I can learn from your words
I can see above your mind
I will follow you

And I want to give you back my present and my truth
I'm not on the other side I will follow you

You can drag me out from this naked and boring skin
You gave me a pleasure to dream