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(2013) A Fresh Start
01. Next big thing
02. Carnivore heart
03. Older
04. Even odds
05. Familiar song
06. She's my diary
07. Aftermath
08. Safe and sorry
09. We've got a groovy thing goin
10. Shut up!
11. The nowhere
12. Anniversary
13. Clear blue sky

01. Next big thing

I'm all rusted,
I feel like an old man's ankle
And I'm tired of being let down
You're so perfect,
Much better than me, promising
You’re so beautiful and cheerful

There's no pain,
Just a melted brain
Inside this jug

And a sad, sad face
With the same old name,
Without good luck
You're doing the best you can
Trying to keep the pace
So we don't get stuck
And some would say
There's a better way,
But I don't give a fuck
Yeah, the next big thing was you

Goodbye, goodbye my sweet darling.
Just promise me that you'll try
To be there when I need you around
We are left
With nothing but dreams and memories
Forgotten feelings, welcome home

There's no pain,
Just a desolate place
No treasure in this chest

And a sad, sad face
With the same old name,
Without a quest
You're doing the best you can
Trying to keep the pace
Always second best
And some would say
There's a better way,
But I want to confess
Yeah, the next big thing was you

02. Carnivore heart

It's swelling again, howling, pounding,
As a fool moon rests inside my head
And it feeds on pain, a jealous thing,
Shedding thought that were never said

While you talk about your “new friend”
It shows its fangs and sinks them in
If bites felt good I wouldn't be so numb


Shut up! And everything will be alright
Don't make any sudden moves
Shut up! It could have been a perfect night
But now, Carnivore (Heart) is on the loose

To eat your heart out

Once began it has no end
There's a mad man screaming in my brain
No common sense, no innocence
Only poison rushing through the veins

And it's not me behind the wheel
It's not what I think, it's what I feel
If bites felt good I wouldn't be so numb

Eat your heart out; eat your heart out…

03. Older

When I look through the window
I see nothing familiar
I've traded the world for nothing particular

So while the night's still young
And all hope seems gone,
I'm looking for a soul to prove me wrong.

To keep me strong for a while

People like us now older
Making order
Out of disorder

What was coy and revolting
Now seems fine and compelling
What was safe just faded
It was never built to last.

Another day is dying, another turning point

Older, ringing older...

04. Even odds

Don’t confuse fate and circumstances
Don’t ever think that you have it made
And don’t rely on empty wishful thinking
Like “everything’s gonna be okay”

‘Cause when it’s not
It finds you so unprepared
It hits hard
And leaves you struggling for air
With no plan
To get back up on your feet
I found a hidden truth

Here’s one thing that I learned about myself

Given even odds one thing’s for sure
I’ll fuck it up somehow
When duty calls somehow I know
I won’t rise up to the task ahead
And I can promise you that

Looking back it seems pretty funny
But not funny in a funny way
That you’d believe, just ‘cause you don’t know better,
That everything’s gonna be okay

When luck runs out
That’s if you ever had it
You’re on your own
And I was hardly ready
To take charge
And take care of business
Like everybody else

05. Familiar song

It's getting harder to remember
The worst of my Septembers
And how once you broke my heart
It really feels so strange
How our lives have changed
How we drift further apart

I heard a familiar song
I bet you don't sing it anymore
Has it really been so long?

Have we learned to forget all that we used to adore?
As we spend our lives
Between letting in and letting go

I've got a handful of reminders
From the times when we were kinder
Before life got in the way
They don't ring with hope or promise
But they're not bitter and dishonest
As we've become today

06. She's my diary

Every little means so much
And with the power of my touch
I'll bare my soul for all to see

The trick is that somebody listens
About my daily hits and misses
And these days it's hard to find an ear

I've got some great conclusions
wide-eyed and disillusioned
I've got some inspiration
For endless conversations

I write it down, she is my diary
I feel like I could tell her everything

She never asks too much, or takes too much
She never let's me down, and she's always there
always with some time to spare

Feel my thoughts are bubbling up inside
Gotta try to get them off my mind
In need of any kind of friend

It's 3 AM, I'm well beyond repair
Still I'm hoping I might find her there
And bring the morning to an end

07. Aftermath

It’s time to do the aftermath
To draw the line beneath my pain
To tell you how I truly feel
And pretend you wanna know

For most of times I’m doing fine
But every other once in a while
It hurts worse than a bad tooth
Yeah, if you wanna know the truth
I’m hardly getting used to getting by

I’m working on a brand new plan
Called: “trying not to think too hard”
You can see how well it works
Just by hearing these few lines

I’ve made my peace with circumstance
You still know how to get to me
Though I know it isn’t planned
You just wouldn’t understand
How I get stuck between my heart and mind.

Things are moving slower than I would prefer
Coming winter’s really getting on my nerves
I try so hard to find myself as I stumble through the day
And all my best intentions end up the wrong way

There are still some things I’d like to say
Though I can’t seem to get them right
I’ve said goodbye so many times
But never really closed the door

You always make me second guess
You play on insecurities
I’m scared of things you might imply
But I know it’s just pretend
Less than lovers, more than friends
And no one dares to make the final cut

08. Safe and sorry

It happens all the time
I fall for that one of the kind
And try to mumble something smart
Freshly-minted words from the heart

Here's the one that gives you more
Here's the one worth living for
I prayed for different nights
I prayed for those gentle bites

Better safe than sorry left me alone
Holding in what's meant to be thrown

You shed yourself all over the place
I tried to follow and keep the pace
But your fire just needs more wood
I've already gave as much as I could

09. We've got a groovy thing goin

Bad news, bad news!
I heard you’re packing to leave!
I come running right over
I just couldn’t believe it,
I just couldn’t believe it.

Oh, baby, baby
You must be out of your mind
Do you know what you’re kicking away?
We’ve got groovy thing goin’, baby,
We’ve got a groovy thing.

I never done you no wrong,
I never hot you when you’re down,
I always gave you good loving,
I never ran around,
I never ran around.

Oh, baby, baby
You must be out of your mind
Do you know what you’re kicking away?
We’ve got groovy thing goin’, baby,
We’ve got a groovy thing.

There’s something you ought to know
If you’re fixing to go,
I can’t make it without you
No ,no, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, baby, baby
You must be out of your mind
Do you know what you’re kicking away?
We’ve got groovy thing goin’, baby,
We’ve got a groovy thing.

We’ve got groovy thing goin’, baby,
We’ve got a groovy thing.

10. Shut up!

I've been battling depression
And chain-smoking for days
With no better cure than alcohol
To scare the time away

I've missed a couple of showers
And I've forgotten how to shave
I'm too busy finding reasons for
The way that I behave

So I guess I'm doing ok
All things considered how could I complain?

It's been seven days and eighteen hours
I'm ashamed to know the minutes
I've built a trap, a wishing well
And ended up right in it
Hell I'm such a textbook case
No, I can't avoid clichés
It's hard enough, this beaten heart
Has got nothing new to say (ok, ok...)

I lock myself in bathroom
For sessions of Tourette
Then rearrange collections
Of things that I regret

The air is stale of memories
I forgot to throw away
I should probably take them out
But maybe not today

I should be moving on
But my will went out and left me here alone

It's been 7 days...

I'll say I'm fine but I can't cope
With finishing the sentence
There's too much "but..." and "it's just that..."
To fill this sinking vessel
I wish someone would cut me down
And shut my fucking mouth
Or I will choke on my own words
The second they come out
I'm not ok!

11. The nowhere

Someone smarter
Would have been more prepared
It's getting harder
Just trying to understand

Partially predicted,
Partially self inflicted

Young and honest
Every problem just another game
Broken promise
Better tomorrow never came

Partially predicted,
Partially self inflicted

We are the nowhere
Self destructive,
We are the nowhere
So seductive
We are the nowhere
As time flies away it's easy to say
...We're still here
Watching life pass us by

Now we're trying
But every door slams you in the face
Slowly dying
All our hopes are gone without a trace

12. Anniversary

Wouldn't it be smarter to give up
When nobody clearly gives a fuck
Well, happy birthday, guys, may all our wishes wait
At least until next year or whenever’s not too late

One blink, one breath, and the year is over
And we still have nothing to show for
But I'll give anything to keep the dream alive
I’ll learn from every fall, and cherish every smile

Every word has fallen on deaf ears
It's been that way far too many years
Still I won’t let go, as long as you're by my side
When we turn it up I'm glad that I'm alive

13. Clear blue sky

It’s been a while since you were smiling
And I’m pretty sure that you’re not sleeping well
Though I can’t see much point in denying
You can choose your own way out of hell

So take your time
Sometimes it’s all we need
Some time alone with pain
Just don’t lose track
Of all the things still waiting up ahead

It’s hard to feel from all the problems
Heavy clouds hang low above us
World is often cruel and unforgiving

And I can’t promise perfect shelter
No magic lands behind the rainbow
But someday soon the storm is bound to end
And clear blue sky alone is worth living

I called to see how you were doing
“Well, it’s not good but I remember worse”
At least you’ve got your head out of the ruins
And second steps are easier than first