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(2022) Il Nostro Cimitero
01. The game
02. Mind castration
03. Mistakes
04. Silent
05. No hope

01. The game

Night after night I wake up sweaty and scared
Can’t seem to find security, everything has changed
Nobody likes when good dreams turn bad
Reality hits perfectly below the belt

Everything has a price, I’ve paid for my decisions too much
Not playing by safe rules, this game can’t end in tie
Better to fall down for choosing wrong
Then to be smashed by frustration for not trying at all

You can’t lose what you don’t have x4

Not changing yourself doesn’t mean being true but being a fool

02. Mind castration

It breeds again, another government’s sick child
Raised to spread hatred, violence and fear
To confuse, divide and conquer

Mind castration, mind castration,
Another government’s sick creation

So now you’re taking a stand
against everyone that’s not like you
How does it feel, when you report to pigs?
Do you really feel proud, on that short leash?

Mind castration, mind castration,
Another government’s sick creation

They don’t care about animal rights
Couldn’t care less about human lives
Fueled by ignorance
Driven by greed
This gotta be stopped
Gotta be stopped

Mind castration, mind castration,
Another government’s sick creation

Gotta be stopped!

03. Mistakes

Living the future that will never happen
Scared of the past that never existed
Pain reminds me that I still live

This doesn’t work like it seemed
You get something you cannot deal with
I’ve never been that thankful for being hurt

Heart pounding out of my chest
Pain was temporary, will I forget?
Don’t let me embrace my fatal mistakes

Don’t let me embrace my fatal mistakes

04. Silent

You say that she’s the one who lies
We shouldn’t believe those blood-shot eyes
It’s your kind that I despise
Wonder why the secret was kept for so long
There must be interest, something’s wrong
You’re freed from empathy


At the end of the road, when you’re all alone
And nobody can hear you moan
It’s not privacy when you’re scared to the bone
When society chose suspect over victim
And pretends to mind their own business
Don’t fuckin blame her for being silent


You are silent!

05. No hope

I have no more time
Its civilization’s decline
I’m mentally exhausted
People make me disgusted
Sick of conspiracy theorists
Stupid fucking misogynists
Religious pro-life activists
Fuck liberal capitalists

I have no understanding
For your racist complaining
They’ve made up the fake enemy
To cover up their felony
Created sheep mentality
To confuse your reality
slowly kill your dignity.
Death to humanity

No hope
No hope