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(2010) Collision Within
01. Collision within (know yourself)
02. Outshine the panic
03. Holding breath in vein
04. Fear of losing you all
05. Safe & cynical
06. Confession
07. Beyond bodies
08. Song for the shamed
09. The train
10. (tribute to) silence

01. Collision within (know yourself)

Step into my fields of debris
Please be patient, tonight I’ll face my deepest fears
One reckless word could change my direction
Step in further into this madness of my days
Waves of changes, collision within
Cannot wait, it’s time to face what I have been
My own delusion... I will end it in a second
Blood runs free as I destroy my vanity
Feels my whole life has passed me by
I must deal with facts that lie before me
For so long I have been blind
For so long I’ve been self-destructive
With eyes wide open towards the sky
I’ve got no reason to cry
With eyes immersed into the light
Above the clouds
With eyes wide open towards the sky
I’ve got more reasons to try
I’ll find my path, I’ll find myself
I will be proud

02. Outshine the panic

In the beginning, it all looked like a slow dance
In a minute, they were driven by closeness
Once they’d found their rhythm
We could only witness the truly divine
Nature of their moves
Even though they were dancing for the first time
To the song they’d never heared before
She knew His steps, just as He knew Hers
Just like they’d Both known the words of that song
*Extract the substance/evidence...
Love can outshine the panic*

03. Holding breath in vein

I´ve seen truth in those vicious lies
Daylight in the deep of blackest nights
I´ve heared silence in ten thousand cries
I´ve seen your eyes in the heat of nameless fury
In search for balance between right and wrong
All hell breaks loose by the power of one call
Choke for nothing, yet we´ve gone astray
Our deeds fell short of the promise we have all made
No one but you
As hard as you can
The time has come to
Tear this doomed blindfold
With all strength in you
I know that you can
No one but you
Can fight this curse untold
Blood forced us to stay
To count in losses among what we’ve gained
Holding breath in vain
Dues we’ve made we shall pay one day
Torn in two

04. Fear of losing you all

Concentrating on not to shiver
While disturbing images are burning
An illuminating hand is cutting the air
Fear of black curtains returns

“I used to be
Too carved and too calculated
And too suppressed”
This one is not for you, demon

Cured to vomit lies again
Next re-incarnation to blow
Whole new reality to distort
Tomorrow, until this illness is gone

Hopes destroyed
One stupid word, spineless thought
I’m on my knees again
Misprinted words, wrong pages to quote
Wish I’d lost my hands, broken my fingers

Fear of losing you all...

We look in the same direction
They look upon us
Feeding us with great words

I’m dead already
You had to tell me
And I miss you all...

05. Safe & cynical

Tonight, we are waiting
For something
We´re all longing for
All night
For you
To smile
And bring the light
Decline your safety
There are no bridges left to burn
No river for you to cry
Harm´s done, start life anew
It’s time for you to shine
As tension rises
Be still, don´t move at all
As the dark collapses
We are waiting for you to show
Your unbridled true self
So cynically disguised
A forced grin could never shine
It’s time for you to smile
This is your night
Seize life with your both arms
Bullet that has your name
Will pass you by

06. Confession

Ghost... shadows will guide the way
Deceiver... the devil’s got you, don’t hesitate
Choice... keys to the doors unlocked
Today, claim and conquer... it’s your right to play
Find hope in knowing... how frail was the answer
Find lies in knowing... how solid was the question
Life... shock... surprise...
Close... and closer it will get
Saviour... you want revenge!
Confess - you’re not perfect!
Run as the curtain falls upon today
Claim and conquer...
Grace blinds your eyes
Peels flesh from the bones
Give in or DIE for the bliss that you want
For the peace that you want!

07. Beyond bodies

Flesh could no longer bear the chaos
Couldn’t bear the chaos we unleashed
“...it was never an option, it could not happen...”
But it was sudden, wounding us both
Our naked bodies...
...for the first time
Beyond bodies...
...for the first time
“...it was never an option, it could not happen...”
Yes, WE were the fire
The sheets were burning!
My pain - My vision
Those cries in lightning
Echoes of the words unsaid
Words burnt deep into my neck
With the rope in your weak hands
Letters bleed
Fingers brake
Still I hope

08. Song for the shamed

So, you think you’ll stay pure?
No one will make through this
Our shit rolls down the road
All of the harm that we’ve done
This flood will erase it
Conscience made of clay
For us to shape it
For the sake of today
For all the changes
Heads roll down the road
The whole delusion of the blind
This flood will erase it
Conscience made of clay
For us to shape it
So easy to shape it
Trick their corrupted minds
Rob them as they look to find
The brightest among those blinding lights
(Rob them as they look to find it)

09. The train

The dawn brought the rain
Just like the dawn when I was born
It’s time
I am leaving
The train is waiting
Doors are opening
Moment of decision
There is no quitting now
It is cold and it is dark
No passengers
The doors are closing
Towards the truth
Who am I? What am I?
Made of what?
Looking through windows
The rain is not stopping
Do not wait for me
I might not be coming back

10. (tribute to) silence

I thought it to be the love of my life
Most thrilling and joyfull of all
As when I met you I saw in your eyes
The fire and passion that burnt for me
Oh why were you so dear?
Why I thought that the morning dew
Would be the water of your lips
Secretly we met
And I cannot forget
The nights, the days and the moments of joy
Now after so many years
When my memories arise and repeat
I, speachless in my sorrow
Cannot tell how I should meet you again
How should I greet you?
After the long years - with silence and tears

Lyrics by Miloš Smiljkovic RIP