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(2003) Apokalipsa
01. Swing
02. Picture of successful man
03. Before
04. Flies
05. The apocalypse

01. Swing

The time has come
to conquer the world,
To win this neverending duel
by laying down the guns...
... and to walk away...

To leave this Babylon.
To leave the Armageddon field
To walk away
and for the first time
just to be.

To allow the Sun to shine on me

02. Picture of successful man

One leg climbs with feverish efforts
leaning on man's bend back
while the foot of other leg
seeks support in the recess of
man's mouth.

Keeping his heavy body above
keeping it from falling by
pulling hair out.

Pounding bloodied fingernails
into eyeholes
Pounding bloodied fingernails
into cheeks
Pounding bloodied fingernails
into the brain...

He grabs for the top

03. Before

Before... it was there...

Before the lights went out
Before you were gone
Before the lips were sewed
just the second before it has

... Before it was.

04. Flies

Cruising flies, landing on the cattle
foretelling carcasses fallen...

"Why the buzzing around our ears?
Walking all over our mouth and eyes
fearlessly strolling as if we're
lifeless carrions?"

And in a second, he thinks "I know"
and imitating man's language
of silence, he says:

05. The apocalypse

Does anyone hear the horrible
murmurs coming from the broken
out dam? Or feel the shudder
as they listen to rising havoc
that boils?

above our still alive bodies
like vultures cruise the crows
in this new deluge we will
all drown.

the terrifying howl,
the voiceless screams
silenced by fear.
Suffocated in blood the wait
and cries of the world.

This is it. What was awaited.
Sowing on sour land the seeds of
world sterile cum, cuming on
every thought that You would be
the One, who would embrace
the End, Eschatology...
The Apocalypse...

... closer and closer the roar of
raging lava that boils...
Doesn't anybody feel the
shudder from rising brooks,
rising brooks, rising brooks,
penetrating brooks...
... of blood.