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(1996) From The Bottom Of My Heart... Straight Edge
01. Give chance
02. Triple X (The straight edge)
03. I refuse
04. This is for the life
05. Enough
06. Dissapproval
07. We stand against
08. Unison
09. Da struggle begins
10. Withstand temptation
11. Youth forever
12. Decide
13. Summerhill
14. Movement, not a fashion
99. - prateći tekst -

01. Give chance

With understanding between eachother
We could stop fighting and slaughter.
But there's someone who disagrees.
With our need to be free!

Give chance

Envy and greed has filled their hearts
Listen my words "enough is enough"
Learn to strust and to forgive,
Just try, let other to live!

Try to forget, try to forgive
Give someone else chance
Learn to belive!

Let's try together
That's the way out!

02. Triple X (The straight edge)

You can't explain any of your cause,
Now I understand straight edge for you
was just a pose
You are always behind our backs to preach
what's good, what's bad, man you're like a leech!

Join the fight - support the scene!

You are always on our shows.
Laughing at what we said or wear
If you don't respect our scene
Then what the fuck are you doin' there!
The truth of triple X is hiden in---
straight edge
It's where we chose to stay, our hearts---
we pledge
Presence of mind is presence of---
straight edge
From bottom of our hearts---
straight edge

03. I refuse

Everyone likes the party, and they say "it's great"
They spend all night, in the morning go home.
and they're sleeping all next day
I don't understand that kind of stuff,
cause my mind is thinking straight
Rooms full of smoke, and vomit on the floor,
After two o'clock party is dead.

Look further - with an open mind
Refuse - you're not blind

Look around yourself, and tell me what you see
Is that what you wanted, you better join me.
Break free from that shit that now surrounded you
we can find a bettter way, better things to do

Conform - all is the same
Always find someone else to blame
Kids are boring today
like they don't have nothing to say!

04. This is for the life

Whis will not just pass a way.. this!
This is where I choose to stay.. is!
It took my heart from the beginning.. for!
I'll never step back It's the way I'm feeling.. the life!

This - is - for - the - life!

05. Enough

Harmless you said it is
But have you ever had so much disease?
Can't disengage, your wits are full of rage
You need another doese, you have no money you'd kill for booze

I've had enough of you,
and all those who're passing through
I'm against you I'll always be.
Why? Just look around and you'll see
Friendship, what does it mean.
What means to have a pal?
You would lie just to lie your fucking mind
But where are you going, are you blind?
Just turn around and you'll find!

Crysis times arrives - full of desire.
Can't hold on a little - why full of fire.
I know that you have - lost your greatest
But now turn the page - and live honest!

06. Dissapproval

Live and let live!

Science destroys our planet for research
Slaughtering and torturing animals account of search

Cutting down all of the trees I feel it's time to wake
System's negative, let's mend him for human sake.

Live and let live!

Animal liberation and justice for us all
I invoke al the people who have pure clean soul
Animals are living beings, just like you and me
It will help if you quit eating their flesh, they'll live free!

I don't want - to consume, animal products - to feel fed up!
I dissaprove - this killing
You're not man - where are your feelings!
Why you need - so much meat
When I know - that you can quit!
Just say no don't decieve
Live and - let live!

07. We stand against

Smokin' cigaretes and think you're cool.
Like you don't know nothing better to do
You wanna be a man, but your brain is so small,
only doin what you've been told!

See it on the TV and your parents do that too
Even can't learn more about it in a school.
You are taking more and more, and it's gonna take your life.
But you're not strong enough to make it stop

Try to be different. Think abouth that shit
for them it's only business the crime that they comit!

We stand against!

08. Unison

"We are made to live in community.
Our society's vault made of rocks,
whose rocks are related
So the wall would fall down if only
one stone is pulled out."

09. Da struggle begins

We were waiting for years,
waiting for a change. Gathering ideas.
Looking for a chance.
We'll strive and fight until we win.
The time has cane(come?), the struggle has begin'

Da struggle begins'
Da struggle begins'

Maybe we can't change the world.
But we have changed ourselves for better
We will always gonna be in control,
Our minds will always gonna be over matter'

10. Withstand temptation

You said it is an expression of love,
I said it is true.
But do you love a whore,
who's for the first time with you
It's alright to be with girl,
if your emotions are true
But every night another one,
do you really think it's cool?!

You said you care,
but you only bring them pain
Ask yourself how they feal.
Show tender, don't look just for gain!

It was always and it will always be that way
We tied for someone 'till better chance come
Make someone jealous, someone sad.
Deception, failure, betrayal and finaly
you take her in your bed.

Don't seize female kind
For your own content.
Don't cause their pain
Just to satisfy your needs

withstand temptation
withstand temptation
withstand temptation
withstand temptation

11. Youth forever

You don't know - what we're talking about
You only saw - that we're shouting loud
You didn't care - you only wanted to have good fun
But you missed - so now your youth is gone

I belive in what I said
this is not a passing trend.
Youth forever, not a lie,
our spirit will never die
I can't sit doin nothing.
I just gotta fight for something
For what I fight now, I'll never feel sorry
But you only want transient glory

My life's not - just having stupid fun
It means more - I'm here to make some things done
You'll never know - how I feel inside
You'll never know - because you're so fucking blind!

Youth forever!

12. Decide

Follow your heart not people around
It's a battle inside, no reason to hide
Sculptor with knife, shape your own life.
Chose their side or your side...

13. Summerhill

Unless studying children going crazy
Adults ruling making us lazy
Wrong conception, so obvious to see
Bullshit education against you and me!

Summerhill - without frustration!
Summerhill - with destination!
Summerhill - Be yourself a guide!
Summerhill - Cause you're not blind!

Misusing authority, is it fucking fair?
Forwards or backwards wich is their way?
Trying to teach or just playing a game
Hey, we are persons not names!

Summerhill - let us make decision!
Summerhill - we don't fit in their visions!
Summerhill - give freedom a chance!
Summerhill - school with a sense!

14. Movement, not a fashion

Competition everyday looking for our mistake
Won't give us a chance address us as a fake
So we are saying this, consider it as admonition
This is a movement not a fashion
Don't let it turn into competition!

99. - prateći tekst -


"We are made to live in community.
Our society's vault made of rocks,
whose rocks are related
So the wall would fall down if only
one stone is pulled out."