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(2004) Ozmot
01. Arctic
02. Smithereens
03. Hieronymus
04. Iron Men
05. The Martyrs, The Profits.
06. The Fix
07. Komorijenti

01. Arctic

Get up and walk,
by the desert and arctic,
if atrophied legs could
endure the statue of stone.
Get up and walk,
in silence of dumb,
in solitude of desert world:
people are gone.
Get up and walk and become insane,
watching raven's bloody beak in the
insides of the dove. Come forth, gather,
and raise in your hands your bones
and wander the dead world, dead.
The Four will convince the world
in the walk of dead.

02. Smithereens

I cannot satiate my hungry belly,
with the crust of stale bread
I could soothe it, but just for a second.
I ache, yearn, for the real food.
With illusions, with this illusion,
I can satiate only these shallow eyes.
Lips become dry rejecting the water drops,
bleed choped despairing for the well,
clarity, for the taste.
I cannot accept A-Bit-of-Nothing.
I despise the joy for Next-to-Nothing.
Love and truth demand all or nothing.
If there's love, truth, my thirst will find it.
Drop by drop to soothe the fire, in which I burn lost...
If there's love, truth, my thirst will find it.
Until then, with hammer. I'll crush their icons in smithereens.

03. Hieronymus

New morning is rising,
gray as smoker's lung,
cold as mortal's heart (skin).
With tempest and rain and its giant waves
that drag this ship into dephts,
Into dim end...
New morning's rising,
with the clouds black as marble stone.
I won't leave the room.
Stay in solitary confinement
and be left alone:
in my own cell,
inside the head,
inside a cell,
inside a room,
inside a state,
inside the world,
inside the prison,
inside the freedom,
in my own cell,
inside the head,
inside the room...

04. Iron Men

What do the iron men do?
Baptize their neighbours with holy water.

05. The Martyrs, The Profits.

Clenching our fists, taking up arms.
Revolutionary slogans fueling the fires.
Millions die in battles we fight.
Romanticizing bluring our sight.
Obey the norm - produce, conform.
Black and white pictures selling ideals.
Degrading the victims, the horror, the fears.
So-called movement with no motion at all.
Biggest problem is if you are shopping at mall.
Obey the norm...
Relese me from the hardcore scene.

06. The Fix

The world, I, the world needs a repair,
a new, better memmory.
Something's ruined:
I still feel.
Just a little more, just a little more
and everything will be alright
just a little more and here we are:
assimilated in the harmony of heartless...
I wanna be a Stiff,
I wanna be a stone
I wanna be stiff.
To become petrified, I want to...
Yes, I want to become a human, too..

07. Komorijenti

Našli smo se,
da zajedno, ruku pod ruku,
odlažemo šta očekujemo da se završi,
Našli smo se da jedni drugima
otkrijemo da smo se(be) izgubili...
Našli smo se u čoporu stepskih vukova.
Lajemo, škripimo zubima,
dok gledamo jedni druge kao u ogledala.