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(2006) The Sum
01. Stillness means that nothing moves
02. Tired legs
03. Returner
04. Prey
05. The cow
06. Expressions
07. Simply
08. The sum

01. Stillness means that nothing moves

Movement in it's core has move
well, it's only in lexicology
So should we enter into vocabulary
to become, for o n c e, useful for those who have a need
– it's obvious we became needless –
After all, we have the same function as words

02. Tired legs

The Sun burns on the horizon:
heat burns feet, heat melts palms,
slow-motion crowd irritates,
nervousness rising,
patience falling…

Tired legs running toward shades.
Blinded eyes search for the rest.

"But here it's too cold...
where has horizon gone?
Shade is overwhelming for the ..."
Voices crowd inside.

Again, so, tired legs run into the heat:
to the warmth, sweat and a smile left behind.
Again, so, tired legs run to melt their ice casing,
again, to feel satiated.

Sun is too big for the Earth
Sunshine is too strong for man,
who got used to walk in the dark.

03. Returner

I've been taught to keep away from the wilderness
Maybe they were right,
But only concerning my peace!
Now, it is too late: it washed the blindness from the eyes.
Eyes wide open, now, stare at desert of this,
well, deserted spot.
It seems they began to meet its ends...

Blueness struggles in the grip of dirty concrete teeth

Eyes are becoming mute.

Bring me back.
Re-turn me

04. Prey

Millions of judgemental eyes are staring,
millions of bent heads, with their ears to the floor,
examining sounds of the steps...

Finger-pointed, hundred meters long,
piercing through the rags and bones...

... and the verdict will be:

Ears echo with bangs of still unlifted hammer,
and the noise of the verdict, still unspoken.

05. The cow

… with rotten corpse the cow is fed with dead cow was fed the man feeds the soil with rotten corpse...

06. Expressions


... Nothing's changed
but the fact we've ran out of words, expressions.

And that change
came a million years before...

07. Simply

Simply: I do not believe.
Or more precisely (I always explain myself): I don't know how to believe,
yet, again, with faith I write.

It's simple: man is all alone inside a herd.
Or more precisely (again I explain): herd is always surrounding a man,
and yet, again, man himself is only a part of herd.

Therefore as I walk I try not to need anyone,
while my eyes, ears, hands, lips, again and against me,
ask for a companion.
Then I walk alone praying for anyone,
or walk with anyone wishing to be alone.

Simply: I am a man:
(Should I need to explain?)
Only a man.

08. The sum

Thought and wish for bread
pushed aside the ideals:

erased from the being.

(On the other side) nine to five
methamorphosized into from seven to seven:

erased from the being.

Peace and silent bed
pushed aside the joy for sociable life:

erased from the being.

The paper religion, the paper's believers.

Pressure from...
Tensions on...
Exhaustion after...

»Live and create«
transformed into
»create for me« means »succeed to live«

(This is) the sum:
the Man alive fantasizes about the rest. At the same time, participates in building an unrest place and feeds its invisible gods...